Carl Albert’s Maci Terry – Character Counts Presented by Oklahoma Educators Credit Union

By Derrick Smith

When someone is considered to be successful, most people look to their awards and honors to gauge off of that. But, as Maci Terry says, it has more to do with you as a person, instead of trophies.

“To be successful in sports I’ve learned has nothing to do with a medal you earn or a title you receive,” she said. “It is about your heart and your hustle. If you’re doing what you love, if you’re trying your best and your hardest, and if you are positive with whatever the outcome, you’ve succeeded in your season. Winning is something we should strive for, but it shouldn’t be the only thing we’re looking towards. We need to look for effort, for passion, for heart, for hustle, and for growth in every area.”

Maci is a senior at Carl Albert High School, where she is heavily involved in a variety of groups. Athletically, she runs cross country and plays doubles on the tennis team. She is also the President of the Carl Albert chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was recently named FCA All-State, Secretary of Student Council as well as Leadership, National Honor Society Historian, and rotary member.

Though there have been many supporters throughout her life, Terry says that her biggest influence is an easy choice.

“The biggest influence in my life would have to be Jesus Christ,” she said. “Through my faith, I’ve been taught how to do everything with integrity, love, and honor. My parents have continually pushed me to be my best, while giving me the grace and support I need to grow.”

In the classroom, Maci says that her favorite teacher is Coach Case, who teaches art and also coaches cross country and track.

“He is an incredible role model in teaching and in sports,” Terry stated. “He inspires me with his patience, faith, and love for his students. He is constantly light hearted, encouraging, and isn’t afraid to put you in your place.”

The fact of being called a character athlete is not something that Maci takes lightly.

“For me, being called a Character Athlete comes from playing any sport with a humble heart and joyful attitude,” she said. “A character athlete encourages those around them and helps pick the team up while pushing others to be their best.”

Throughout her years of playing sports, Maci has learned many life lessons and things that have helped her become a better person.

“I have learned that you don’t always have to fall into the pressure of ‘failing’ because you’re not the best one on the team or because you didn’t win. I think a lot of times there is a lot of pressure to be the very very best, because if you’re not number one, you’re not worth much to the team. I learned that the drive for your sport and what’s gonna make you the best athlete is putting your heart into what you love, giving everything you have, not because someone else wants you to, but because you want to be better for yourself and better for your team.”

After graduation, Maci plans to attend Rose State College and become a missionary or work in the missionary field.