Jones’ Lucas Collier – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda



Jones High School senior Lucas Collier is a determined individual. Whether in sports, academics, or his personal goals, he is a student-athlete who is always striving to be his best.

“The people and community around me are what motivate me to do my absolute best,” he said. “There is a standard at Jones High School and achieving that standard is a must. That continuously motivates me to do my best and reach that standard.”

Collier has played football, baseball, and ran track for the Longhorns while also maintaining a 4.07 GPA, being active in National Honor Society, Mu alpha theta, and working a part-time job. Football may just be his favorite of his multiple sports, and he has played it since the third grade. Although he says that the season didn’t end like he would’ve wanted, he and his teammates worked well as a team and gave their best effort each game.

“I was proud of myself and my fellow teammates for how we competed,” he said.

Collier will miss being a part of Jones High athletics after he graduates, but he will always remember the community’s support and what it meant to him.

“My favorite thing about competing at Jones High School is the atmosphere around the sport and at each sporting event,” he said. “The entire town of Jones comes out to the football games and it’s a very exciting experience to be apart of.”

Over the years Collier has had many people he looks up to as role models, including his football coach.

“Whenever it comes to sports I look up to our head football coach, Coach Martin. He has taught me everything about football and many thing about life in general,” he said. “With his help I hope to achieve many great things in my future and without him I would not be where I am today.”

As Collier prepares for graduation he shares some advice to the underclassmen who will continue on competing for the Longhorns.

“Never give up, and try your hardest every chance you have,” he said. “Football is an amazing sport to play and it only last for a limited amount of time. Therefore, all I have to say is have fun and do the absolute best you can when competing in any sport.”

Collier’s plans are to attend Oklahoma State University and major in Accounting.

“I plan to do my best and continue to gain more knowledge are anything and everything I can,” he said.