Yukon’s Karla Rayburn: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Brian Thatcher, INTEGRIS Family Care Yukon

Karla Rayburn is a Yukon High School alum, hailing from the class of 1986. She now has two daughters, Kaylee and Analise, who have also been Yukon Millers. Kaylee graduated from Yukon last year and was on the varsity tennis team. She now attends Seminole State with a scholarship. Analise is a freshman honor roll student at Yukon High and is on the varsity fastpitch softball team. She is also on the varsity track team and is a short distance runner and high jumper, and plays travel softball for the Oklahoma Athletics.

Rayburn helps out with both softball and track organizations and is also a Helping Hand volunteer at Yukon High. She is also a coordinator with the Vision and Hearing screening program with YPS and has received the Presidents Award for volunteering for several years.

“All of my free time is spent at sporting events, lessons, practices and volunteering at the school,” she said. “Luckily, I love to travel and we get to do plenty of that with Analise’s softball team.”

Rayburn is the team manager and tournament coordinator for Analise’s travel softball team as well as her involvement with Yukon High.

“I volunteer wherever I’m needed with the school teams,” she said. “I have helped with concession stands, coaches hospitality, paperwork, booster club meetings, Pink Out, Senior night, end of season banquets, distributing apparel, selling donuts, taking pictures, preparing meals, summer camps and anything the coaches might need done.”

Rayburn is happy to support her daughters in their activities because she knows the value of what these organizations can bring – which is why she is acknowledged as Yukon Mom of the Month.

“Both of my girls have tried multiple activities and various sports,” she said. “It has taught them accountability, how to work with other peers, how to take instruction/correction, how to communicate with adults and be respectful, how to take care of equipment and what it means to work hard towards a goal. The life lessons that sports has taught them will be something they will remember and use forever. School always comes first, so they have to manage their time wisely in order to succeed. We have met lifelong friends from all over the state through sports. I make sports a priority because they both love playing and it’s a great way for us to spend time together as a family. I have such a short time with them before they are off to adulthood, and sports has kept us very close. The rides in the car, the time spent between matches and games, the heartache, the celebrations, the championships, the injuries and rehabilitation.”