Yukon’s Mia Palacios-Jimenez – Mom of the Month Presented by Dr. Ashley Cochran, INTEGRIS Family Care Surrey Hills

Mia Palacios-Jimenez may not have played sports during her time at Yukon High School, but because her daughter does compete for the Millers, Mia has made sure to prioritize it. Cynthia is a junior at Yukon who plays golf. Mia also has a three-year-old son named Nicholas who, in her good-humored words, “attempts” soccer.

Mia wants to be there for her children as much as possible, and she knows the value that kids can gain from participating in athletics.

“I just don’t make their activities a priority, I make them my priority,” she said. “My children are my biggest blessing. I grew up having parents who gave their time to us. They were there always and still are. I knew I wanted my children to grow up remembering that I was there. Sports give kids so much. It teaches them such valuable life lessons; how to respect others, no matter the age.”

Mia is happy to cheer on whatever sport her kids play, but she is especially involved with supporting the Yukon golf program, participating in and attending all of Cynthia’s events. She is the Vice President of the Yukon golf booster club, and her father, Cynthia’s grandfather, even gets to be a part of the fun as well.

“I help organize our fundraiser, help make sure that we support our coaches and players as much as possible,” she said. “I’m fortunate enough to have my dad be the assist girls’ golf coach, so we get to spend more time together and Cynthia has built such an amazing relationship with her grandpa.”

Cynthia transitioned to golf her freshman year after playing softball, which was a bit of a learning curve for her mother, as she will attest.

“It was a big change for this mom to go from yelling and cheering her on to a golf ‘clap.’ I must say I wasn’t so successful my first year and the golf field marshal can attest to that,” said Mia.

Above all, Mia feels that her job as a mom is to support and encourage whatever activity her children chose to do.

“[Cynthia] will always have enough coaches; she needs someone who is going to encourage, praise, review, and even shed a tear when needed,” said Mia. “That is what I am there for.”