Del City’s Kendric Bizzell – Character Counts Presented by Oklahoma Educators Credit Union

Del City senior Kendric Bizzell has played baseball since he was three years old.

“I got really into it after I watched Manny Remirez play on TV,” he said. “Then I went for tryouts with a team called the Braves and I made it and I’ve loved it since.”

As one of the only seniors on the baseball team, Bizzell has been a leader for the team, pitching and offensively. One thing he loves about competing for the Eagles is that, “the community around Del City is amazing everyone is truly family.”

Part of that family is Bizzell’s teammates, who he holds in high regard.

“My teammates mean everything to me,” he said. “They are guys I’ve built a strong relationship with. If I ever need something they got me, or ever feel down they pick me up on the field and off, and I love every single one.”

Bizzell acknowledges a couple of people who he has looked up to in his life, Matt Tom and Layne Wright.

“They both have taught me how to love the game but also taught me how to be a man and love every little thing and every single blessing in life,” he said. “They taught me how to be a man off and on the field, showed me how to love, how to be the bigger person. Most importantly they taught me respect, and I can’t thank them enough. I truly love those guys.”

Bizzell is known for being an athlete of good character on the field, which is something he strives for.

“Having a good character is what you do on and off the field,” he said. “It’s what you do when nobody is looking and as an athlete, to me, is respecting everyone around you. If you give respect you get it returned. And to always be yourself and never try to be that guy or girl; just always be yourself.”

Bizzell is motivated by being the best version of himself he can be, and through that overcoming any obstacles in his way.

“The thing that motivates me is to be the best Kendric Bizzell I can be to my brothers, sisters, mom and dad, be the best friend,” he said. “What motivates me the most is a kid coming from nothing and being something special in life when others thought you couldn’t make it. And thinking the road is too tough – just always gotta trust the process. Like Inky Johnson said, the process is more important than the product.”

After high school Bizzell’s plans include getting an athletic scholarship for baseball and being the first in his family to attend college.