Yukon’s Shaelee Baldwin – Canadian Valley Technology Center Athlete of the Month

Shaelee Baldwin is a rugby player at Yukon High School and a student at Canadian Valley Technology Center where she is enrolled in the Early Care and Education program. 

As a student-athlete at Yukon High School, Baldwin maintains a high GPA and is involved in several activities. 

“At my high school I am in National Honor Society where I must maintain a 3.75 GPA, have good attendance, and participate in nine hours of community service every nine weeks,” said Baldwin. All on top of being a student at CV Tech and playing rugby. 

“I love rugby because it has given me confidence. There’s a place for everyone on the team and gives me a sense of belonging. My teammates and coaches have all become family to me,” Baldwin said. “I love that everyone on the team is so welcoming and kind. No matter who you are or what you look like, our team will greet you with a smile and open arms. We love to share our love for rugby with anyone who cares to know of it.”

At CV Tech, Baldwin is taking courses that she can apply to her professional career after graduating. 

“CV Tech has done great things for my future. It has given me many certifications in Early Care and Education and has prepared me to be the best employee I can be in a job setting. CV Tech has given me opportunities to gain leadership experience as well as job-related experiences. The staff at CV Tech has encouraged and inspired me to continue moving forward with my education and strive to be a better person,” said Baldwin. “I like being a student at the Canadian Valley Technology Center because it has given me many opportunities for leadership and work/job related experiences. I have met many new people and have gained many new friendships while participating in student organizations. I chose the Early Care and Education program because I love children and was interested in learning the development of young children. I’m glad I chose this program because I have established connections with not only the children, but the staff in the daycare, as well as, the instructors of my program. I love being able to see child development first hand and to be able to interact with the children on a daily basis.”

Baldwin said she is honored to represent her high school and CV Tech.

“I feel honored to be able to represent Yukon High School and CV Tech at the same time. When I go on field trips for CV Tech or Yukon High School, I always make sure I make a good impression on the people around me.” 

Her parents have always encouraged her in schools, sports and plans for her future. 

“My parents have been my biggest influence on and off the rugby field. They have always been there to encourage me to always do and be the best I can be. They have been at every game and taken me to every practice since I began playing rugby,” said Baldwin. “After I graduate, I plan to attend the University of Oklahoma and major in Psychology and further my knowledge of brain development.”