Piedmont’s Cayden Diccion – Edmond Area Baseball Player of the Month – Presented by Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

Edmond Area Preseason Baseball Player of the Month Poll – Presented by Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

Cayden Diccion – Piedmont, 11,257 votes

Jase Farmer – Jones, 6,530 votes

Skyler Fenton – Piedmont, 5,467 votes

Carter Hines – Edmond North, 3,861 votes

Will Aiken – Oklahoma Christian School, 3,101 votes

Brady Thomas – Piedmont, 2,201 votes

Colby Entwistle – Edmond North, 1,548 votes

Other athletes receiving votes include Coit Morton – Edmond Memorial, Blake Robertson – Edmond Santa Fe, Ben Lykes – Deer Creek, Tanner Holliman – Oklahoma Christian School, Jack Roubik – Oklahoma Christian School, Kaden Marshall – Deer Creek, Max Huffling – Deer Creek, Jacob Ellis – Piedmont, Caleb Issacs – Edmond North, and Dominic Johnson – Edmond Santa Fe.

Cayden Diccion – Piedmont

By Derrick Smith

There is a bond between teammates that makes them feel like family. And just like in a family, when you lose someone, you want to always remember them. Cayden Diccion remembers a fallen teammate his own way.

“Wyatt Buckley was a member of our baseball team and his life ended too soon,” Diccion said. “He should still be here playing with us. Everytime I walk out to the mound, I write his initials in the dirt and give him a quick prayer before I start my warmups. I have dedicated this season to him.”

Diccion is a senior at Piedmont High School and is a pitcher for the baseball team. He says he appreciates the award for playing the game he loves.

“I feel grateful to even be able to play the sport I love,” he said. “I feel truly honored and blessed to win Edmond Area Baseball Player of the Month.”

He says that he began playing baseball because he has been surrounded by it his whole life and he fell in love with the game.

“I became interested in playing baseball because I watched my older brother play and also my dad was the coach,” he said. “Throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by baseball. My stepdad used to be a college coach and he coached both my brother and stepbrother until they went on to college and I’m the last one he will be coaching.”

There have been many people who have been involved in Cayden’s baseball career throughout the years, but he says there is one person that has always stood beside him.

“My mom is definitely my biggest influence,” he said. “I am so glad that God chose her to be my mother. She has taught me to strive for my goals and to never give up. She is the strongest person I know.”

He says that one of the keys to success is putting in the extra work.

“Usually after every game, whether I pitched or not, I will find time to get some extra poles or sprints in,” Diccion said.

After graduation, Cayden plans to attend Hesston College to play baseball and become an air traffic controller.