OKC’s Brittany Hall – Southern Nazarene Sports Management and Administration Spotlight

Brittany Hall competed as a collegiate runner and her competitive nature drives her to succeed in everything she does. The Masters in Sports Management and Administration at Southern Nazarene University was the right program for Hall to continue her education and reach the goals she has set for her professional life. 

“I have always love sports; particularly a passion for running. My undergraduate degree is in Kinesiology and I was a collegiate runner. I worked in a corporate environment for years and wanted to transition into a role where I can use my passion of running to potentially impact the lives of student athletes,” said Hall. 

Hall said the relationships she formed as a student in the program and the vast knowledge she gained while taking this course, was what she enjoyed most about the program. Making the decision to enroll at SNU was an easy one for Hall.

“The SNU MASMA course was the right choice for me because of the flexibility the program offered. As a wife, mother, National Guard soldier and full-time employee the one class a week was perfect. Dr. Goodman, Sarah and The Office of Veteran Services were all very helpful and they genuinely cared about me and my education,” said Hall. 

As a result of her education, Hall’s new job is that of Director for Fields and Futures; a program the helps Oklahoma City Public Schools students get involved in running programs and stay in school.

“Fields and Futures believes that “If they play, they stay. If they stay, they graduate.”

As the Runner Director, my objective through the Simon Greiner Track and Field Program is to help OKCPS students succeed in life and reach their full potential by creating new and expanded opportunities for them to participate and excel in running sports,” Hall said. 

The Sports Management and Administration program at SNU will provide Hall with the foundation to become an administrator and help her grow Fields and Futures. 

“Everything that I have learned in the SNU MASMA Program is applicable to my current role at Fields and Futures. Sport management, social issues and ethics, revenue generation, compliance and facility planning just to name a few. Everything that I was taught in the program is showing up in my day to day responsibilities,” said Hall. “I would recommend the SNU MASMA program to every coach and educator that I know. The program has afforded me with many opportunities like the Toronto and Detroit connections trip. These experiences are truly invaluable.”

For more information on SNU’s Masters in Sports Management and Administration program go to www.snu.edu and to learn more about Fields and Futures, visit them at www.fieldsandfutures.org.