Mustang’s Isaias Silva – OKC Area Boys Soccer Player of the Month – Presented by Harley-Davidson World

OKC Area Boys Soccer Player of the Month – Presented by Harley-Davidson World

Isaias Silva – Mustang, 51,325 votes

Caleb Simmons – Choctaw, 34,867 votes

Kyle Owen – Putnam City North, 16,005 votes

Roshan Raj – Bishop McGuinness, 10,160 votes

Julian DeLoera – Putnam City, 9,154 votes

Angel Escobar – Midwest City, 4,023 votes

Eventz Malaska – Bethany, 2,156 votes

Jacob Campos – Putnam City, 1,381 votes

Other athletes receiving votes include Justin Brown – Choctaw, Clayton Lucas – Harrah, Matthew White – Christian Heritage, Thomas McElyea – Carl Albert, Christian Eden – Harrah, and David Vargas – Guthrie.

Isaias Silva – Mustang

By Derrick Smith

Isaias Silva knows what the keys to being successful in sports are.

“I think for anyone to be successful in any sport is to practice,” he said. “You have to give it everything you have every time you play, have a positive attitude, never give up because you never know who is watching you.”

Silva is a sophomore at Mustang High School, where he is a forward for the Broncos soccer team. He began playing soccer when he was four years old, and for the Silva family soccer was a family affair.

“When I was little, my family and I would always watch soccer,” he said. “My uncle has always played soccer and I would watch him play and it made me grow passion for it. I grew a love for the game. I also watched Ronaldinho play and that’s what really made me enjoy the game even more.”

The time around the game is what has given Silva the love that he has.

“I enjoy the game because it became a daily routine for me,” he said. “I always played when I was little. It made me happy, being around my teammates, hearing the crowd cheer, coaches pushing you, it’s just something I enjoy playing and doing.”

The 2019 campaign for the Broncos has been a great one so far, and Silva says it is because of team unity.

“This season has been going very well,” he said. “We have such a talented group that we really think we can go far. I have great teammates and we have great chemistry. These guys are my brothers.”

Silva says that winning OKC Area Boys Soccer Player of the Month is an award for his teammates as much as it is for him.

“Winning this means a lot to me, especially as a sophomore,” he said. “It just shows that grade level doesn’t matter and anyone can compete. I couldn’t have done it without my teammates. They’ve helped me to get to where I am today.”

One highlight moment for Isaias is when his club team won the Championship.

“We won the State Cup our first year starting as a competitive team,” Silva said. “Since then, I feel as if my level of playing changed and has been progressing over the years.”