Tuttle’s Cassidy Moore – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

By Derrick Smith

The goal of any athlete is to win a championship. When the goal is met, it is a feeling that all the hard work has been worth it. For Cassidy Moore, winning three consecutive softball state titles is so much more.

“Our softball season went great,” she said. “We went 39-1 and won our third straight state title. Winning state is one of the best feelings you can have. Knowing that all the hard work you put in has paid off makes the feeling even better. I’m so happy that got to share that experience with my best friends.”

Cassidy is a senior at Tuttle High School, where she plays second base for the Lady Tigers softball team. She began playing softball at a young age and has grown to love the game.

“I have played softball since I was five years old,” Moore said. “I love the game. The energy you get from getting hit, a ground ball or hitting one off the fence, is like nothing else. I love the community it created for me and the friendships it has brought me.  My dad always pushed me to play, he was a baseball guy so i’d say it was in my blood.”

Being named a character athlete is a title that Moore is proud to be given because it exemplifies what she strives to do on the field.

“A character athlete is being someone who puts the team and the name on the front of the jersey before yourself,” she said.

The ability to be successful is not something that is given to an athlete, it requires time and sacrifice, according to Cassidy.

“It has taken lots of hard work to be the player I am today,” she said. “I’ve spent countless hours at the barn and in the field, but I wouldn’t have done anything different.”

Cassidy says her coach has made the biggest impact on her as an athlete, teacher her that the work is worth it.

“My summer ball coach, Bill Robinett, has been the greatest influence on my sports career,” she said. “He has helped mold me into the person I am today. He taught me that hard work always pays off, and nothing will ever come out of being lazy.”

When she is not on the diamond, Moore is also a member of the National Honor Society and Oklahoma Honor Society. She also volunteers at her church, Heritage Family. After graduation, Cassidy plans to attend Southwestern Oklahoma State University on an academic scholarship, where she will major in Pre-Med.