El Reno’s Matt Robinson – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

By John Tranchina

Matt Robinson had never played tennis competitively when El Reno High School coach Mike Booher asked him if he’d like to play on the team as a freshman. He decided to try it out, proved to be good at it right away, and has started ever since.

Now in his senior season, Robinson is a respected team leader.

“I’ve been on the team for four years, so I kind of know the ins and outs, and I listened to all the people before me and their approach and how they helped me be who I am right now,” Robinson said. “When I’m on the court, I always try to encourage my partner, so he doesn’t feel discouraged at all, and when I’m not playing and I watch my teammates, I always support them and help them out whenever they’re in trouble or if they’re struggling. I try to help them out and encourage them.”

Besides all that, Robinson is undoubtedly a good role model for the younger players, just based on how he carries himself around the team.

“Just try my best every single play, and then always just encouraging players, is my approach to tennis,” said Robinson, who is also the student council vice president and the senior class president at El Reno. “I just keep my head up and I don’t let my mistakes bother me when I play. I always move on to the next play every time I mess up.”

Robinson, who used to play basketball in junior high, recalled the origins of his tennis career.

“Just one day, Coach Booher walked up to me and he goes, ‘Do you want to play tennis? You’ll start immediately.’ And I was like, ‘Sure, yeah, I’ll try it out,’” recalled Robinson, who will be attending the University of Central Oklahoma next year. “I watched tennis and I played for fun once or twice and I had fun, and thought, ‘It can’t be that hard,’ and I just kind of picked it up kind of easily.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

“His character is impeccable,” Booher said of Robinson. “He has a great work ethic. He is one the best team players I have coached. He is just an overall solid student athlete that will have success in whatever path he chooses.”