Guthrie’s Drew Dodgion – Athlete of the Month Presented by Mercy Clinic Orthopedic Associates

By John Tranchina

It is a major testament to Drew Dodgion’s dedication and work ethic that she is even able to golf at all right now, never mind performing the best she ever has.

After tearing the ACL in her knee last October while playing softball, the Guthrie High School junior underwent surgery and after months of intense rehab, is already back playing golf. Not only that, she reached her lowest scores in back-to-back tournaments recently, and is in the midst of an outstanding season.

She shot an 83, placing sixth, in the Class 5A preview tournament at Lincoln West in Oklahoma City on Mar. 27 and then topped that with a 78 at Kingfisher, good for third place overall, on Apr. 5.

“The first three tournaments, I did pretty good,” said Dodgion, who got into playing golf during sixth grade because her dad and brothers did it. “I shot my personal best twice, so I was pretty excited about that, shot in the 70s for the first time.”

She has unfortunately gotten used to going through rehabilitation for difficult injuries, as she also had a serious surgery for scoliosis in Oct. 2017.

“I have two rods in my back, basically holding my spine straight,” Dodgion said. “It was funny because I had to do physical therapy for my back and when I got to physical therapy for my knee, they were like, ‘I didn’t want to see you back.’”

She admitted that the knee rehab was an arduous process, but the desire to get back to competing drove her to keep going.

“It was difficult, I had to do a lot of physical therapy for it,” Dodgion acknowledged. “I had to wear a brace constantly, I’m still wearing a brace to golf, so it was difficult, but I just kept pushing through it. I guess [I was motivated by] just the want to play sports again. I got very bored not being able to do anything.”

That intensity and dedication has not gone unnoticed.

“Drew has fought through several injuries the past few years and continues to only get better,” said Guthrie golf coach Jason Rice. “She has been primarily a softball player but is really committing herself to golf this year.”

Dodgion will go back to playing fast-pitch softball for the Bluejays next fall as a senior, but is going to focus on golf over the summer for the first time.

“I used to play travel ball during the summer and I’m not doing that this year,” said Dodgion, who is also serves as a Guthrie wrestling team trainer during the winter. “I’ve never taken golf seriously, I’ve always done it for just the school season and I wanted to see what I could do if I did it all year, so I’m going to be doing summer tournaments and stuff. I think I would want to play golf in college.”

Dodgion is also involved in the student council and the National Honors Society at Guthrie, and as far as her future academic goals for college, is “leaning towards more like a forensic science thing or a chemistry major or something like that.”