Yukon’s Noah Hanscom – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

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Yukon’s Noah Hanscom is a dual-sport athlete for the Millers, competing in both wrestling and cross country. The interest for both sports came from things he already enjoyed doing, like wrestling with his brothers and running.

“The reason I joined wrestling was because I always liked to wrestle with my brothers and mess around,” he said. “The reason I joined cross country was because I had always been a good runner and thought I’d give it a try.”

No matter what sport he is competing in at the moment, Hanscom appreciates the people he has around him in the Yukon community.

“What I like about competing for Yukon is that there are always good coaches and friends to push you towards your goals,” he said.


His teammates in particular play a huge role in Hanscom’s life and he has grown close with them over all the time spent together.

“My teammates to me are like family, considering how many hours of practice we go through and also how many dual/meets we go to together,” he said.

Hanscom is a motivated and driven athlete who is always striving to be his best. Like a lot of athletes, he can’t stand to lose.


“What motivates me is being the best I can be, even though there might be better people on the field than me, I always set a goal to just be be better than I was at the beginning of the season,” he said. “And another thing is my drive to compete. I’d say I hate losing.”

Outside of Yukon High, Hanscom is enrolled at Canadian Valley Technology Center in the Construction Trades program. He enjoys the hands-on experience and the fact that he feels better prepared for his future profession.

“My favorite thing about my class is that I get to be creative and build whatever I want,” he said. “My classes at CV Tech are helping me prepare for the workforce beyond high school and also helping me become more responsible as well.”