Mustang’s Kristin Darby – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

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Kristin Darby’s athletic career began when she was very young in gymnastics, and eventually progressed to competitive cheer. The junior has been a cheerleader for the Mustang Broncos for five years now. One of her favorite things about cheer is how skills can be displayed as an individual and as a team.

“I enjoy getting to showcase individual and team talents in front of our school and community,” said Darby.

Her teammates are an important part of Darby’s experience in cheer as well. Some of them she has even grown up with so they are close.

“My teammates are like my sisters,” she said. “We usually get along pretty well, but like any large group of girls we sometimes have drama. I’ve known lots of them since we were young and it’s fun to grow up together.”

Darby keeps herself motivated and focused in practice and competition so as to do her best and not let her team down.

Mustang CC:CV - Kristin Darby

“I think what motivates me is the fact that I don’t want to embarrass myself or my teammates by messing something up, so I really try my best to push during practice to be a leader,” she said.

Outside of school cheer she is a competitive cheerleader at Tribe Cheer and has a part-time job. She is also enrolled in the Early Care & Education at Canadian Valley Technology Center.

“I’m very interested in becoming a teacher and the early care program was very appealing to me, just to get some more experience,” she said.

She enjoys learning valuable lessons at CV Tech while she gets real experience in her future career field.

“I love getting to work with the children in the center and learning about their development as I see it happen,” she said. “I am learning how to lesson plan, accommodate children with different abilities, and overall learning things that I will need to know to be a successful teacher.”

After high school Darby would like to attend Oklahoma State University as an early childhood education major and continue building upon the knowledge she is gaining now.