Yukon’s Daxton Keesee – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

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Yukon junior Daxton Keesee has been competing in football since the eighth grade. He is very competitive by nature and is extremely proud to represent his hometown and the Millers.

“I love to compete in all aspects. For a job, for a starting spot, everything,” he said. “Even in the classroom, I want my grade to be the best. What I love is competing for something or someone. I love Yukon and I’m not afraid to give my all on the field for the town that raised me and I grew up in.”

Keesee is focused on improving his football technique and his IQ of the game. He strives to be his best both on and off the field.

“I am always striving to get better because I want to be the best me I can be and reach my full potential and make my family proud,” he said.

Keesee has a great admiration for his mother, who raised him and his brother all on her own and has taught him the value of hard work.

“I will never be more proud to call her my mom and she has my utmost respect,” he said. “She really taught me that nothing in life is going to be easy and the hard work you put in might not always get you what you want, but it will definitely help you get there.”


Keesee loves learning as much as he loves competing on the football field. After the recommendation of a friend he enrolled in the Computer Information Systems program at Canadian Valley Technology Center, where he now says he looks forward to going every day.

“I love learning, especially when it is something I love to read about or do, I’m like a sponge; I want to know anything and everything about it,” he said. “I’ve always loved computers and watching people game and stream on the internet and that’s what I always wanted to do for a living.”

His favorite thing about attending CV Tech is the people he gets to interact with.

“I love the energy and the culture there,” he said. “I can seriously talk to every single one of my classmates because we all have something in common. We all like computers and then continuing the conversation, you meet people that you wouldn’t normally meet because they go to another school or they are an adult. So far I’ve gained a lot of new friends that I love talking to while working or on break.”

After high school Keesee plans to attend college and further his education in computer information. With his determination, he will surely reach his goals.

“I have a dream to work on computers and I’m not gonna stop until I succeed,” he said.