Candy Reyes: Santa Fe South Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Carl Nyberg, INTEGRIS Family Care Southwest


Candy Reyes loves her job as the Principal’s assistant at Santa Fe South Spero, the new elementary school at SFS. Reyes also has four children and is very committed to supporting their athletic careers.

“I love my job and the people I work with,” said Reyes. “Not only do I work full time at Santa Fe South, but I am also a college student at OCCC. Though life gets busy, in my free time I love to spend it with my family. I try to never miss their sporting events.”

Her oldest son Michael graduated from Santa Fe South High School where he played football, basketball, and baseball as well as being a year-round boxer. He currently attends the University of Oklahoma. Jeremiah is a junior at SFS who plays varsity basketball. Reyes’ only daughter, Abigail, is a freshman cheerleader and is on the dance team. Immanuel attends the Santa Fe South Middle School and plays basketball.

A big part of Reyes’ involvement with her kids is attending every game and event she can.

“I am at nearly every game and in the bleachers cheering on each of the Santa Fe South teams,” she said. “Not many of our team parents go to away games and I try to be at every one of them. I also try to go to all of the cheerleading events to cheer on my daughter and the cheer squad.”

Santa Fe South Mom - Candy Reyes

She and her husband are firm believers in encouraging their kids to go after their goals, which is why she chooses to prioritize supporting them in their activities.

“My husband and I believe that keeping them busy and encouraging them to do anything they put their minds to is important,” she said. “Life is hard and I want to encourage and support my children in everything they do in life. I am their number one fan.”

Reyes has nothing but love for her Santa Fe South family and is happy to be a part of it.

“Santa Fe South has loved my kids since the first time they walked through their door,” she said. “I trust the faculty of Santa Fe South. The love and support that they give to all students is so amazing. I have also gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of the kids at Santa Fe South through the sports my children have played in, who do not have the best lives at home. Not only have I opened my home but the staff and administration at Santa Fe South have extended a hand of love and compassion to these young adults. Santa Fe South is a family that I am glad to be a part of.”