Becky Picklo: Mustang Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. P. Scott Williams, INTEGRIS Family Care


Becky Picklo is a proud Mustang High School alumna, where she played basketball, ran track, and cheered. She now has three children who are Mustang Broncos and Becky stays highly involved with their athletic endeavors in order to help them succeed.

Her oldest, Cameron, is a senior who is a four-time state qualifier in wrestling and a state qualifier in the pole vault. He will be wrestling at Cornell University next year. Her other two are sophomores, twins Tate and Trinity. Tate is also a wrestler who has big dreams of wrestling at the World/Olympic level someday. Trinity plays soccer and runs track, competing in the state finals for both sports.


Becky’s husband Brian is the wrestling coach at Mustang and has seen firsthand how dedicated Becky is to the program.

“She is way more than a mom,” he said. “She knows strategy, she helps with our lineup and travel teams. She is our gear organizer, she offers encouragement and is not afraid to tell kids to suck it up… the kids actually call her ‘Coach Becky.’”

Becky can be found at the wrestling room about every other day and puts in significant time coordinating the behind the scenes work for the program. She also makes a point to travel with her family to all of their sporting events. Her main objective is to encourage each of her children to pursue their goals.


“My kids have some pretty big goals and dreams relating to sports, and I think they’re all three very capable of achieving them,” she said. “My husband and I do our best to support them and give them every opportunity to constantly improve.”

This Mustang Mom of the Month is proud of her community and happy to be raising her family in it.

“I grew up in Mustang, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather raise my family,” she said. “It’s not exactly the same small town that I grew up in, but it still has the feel of a tight-knit community. My kids are friends with the kids of a lot of my high school friends. Quite a few of my high school classmates are now administrators and teachers at the high school. There’s a hometown loyalty here that I love.”