Julie Watson: Yukon Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Brian Thatcher, INTEGRIS Family Care Yukon


Julie Watson is a mother of three student athletes, and is very dedicated to helping them succeed. Watson and her husband Steve are both alumni of Yukon High School, where she played basketball for the Millerettes.

Watson’s oldest son, Kendall, is now a sophomore at Oklahoma Christian University, but he competed in soccer and cross country for Yukon during his high school years. Her other son, Cody, is a junior at Yukon who is the varsity kicker for the Millers in football and is now playing center back for the soccer team. Watson’s daughter, Sydney, is in the seventh grade and loves playing soccer as well as running for the middle school cross country team.

Watson has recently taken on the role of booster club president for the Yukon High boys and girls soccer teams. She generously dedicates her time so that student athletes can have every opportunity to be involved.

“Our booster club covers both the boys’ and girls’ soccer programs where we have almost a hundred combined athletes,” she said. “My role as president is primarily as an organizer and communicator. We are fortunate to have a great group of officers and members, two very involved coaches, and a lot of community support. I believe that school sports should be available equally to any athlete with the desire and talent to participate, so we work hard to raise funds and coordinate volunteers to support the programs.”

Julie Watson - Yukon mom       Julie Watson - Yukon mom 2

Watson believes that above all, her role in her children’s athletic careers is that of an encourager. And although they chose to pursue sports that she had minimal experience in, she supports them in any way she can. She knows the valuable lessons that athletics can instill in students.

“It gets a little crazy, but they know I will be at every event I possibly can and that I am always their biggest fan,” she said. “They also know that we expect them to put in every bit of effort and work that is needed, and then some. I am a believer of doing rather than blaming, griping, or expecting things to be handed to you. As athletes that requires discipline, as a parent I think it requires stepping up to help where you can. By being involved, I hope to lead them by example. I was not an all-star athlete, but I have a lot of fun memories and still have friends I made playing basketball in high school. I want my kids and their friends to be able to obtain their goals and have great experiences as well.”

Watson is heavily involved in the youth community soccer programs as well. She is the “team mom” for her daughter’s club soccer team and manages the websites for the local recreational and competitive soccer clubs. She is also very active in her church and enjoys working with the children.