SNU Leadership Program: Wes Furley – Santa Fe South High School – Presented by Southern Nazarene University

SNU leadership

Longtime Santa Fe South coach, Wes Furley, is a current student in the Southern Nazarene University Leadership Program. Furley said the program will prepare him for opportunities of advancement in his career. He chose the Leadership Program at SNU because of his busy schedule and the way the program is taught. 

“The Leadership Program was the right one for me because it was only on Wednesday nights and it was only one class at a time. This allowed me to coach full time and not be too stressed about multiple classes or assignments,” said Furley. “We are currently in the Long-Range Planning course and I enjoy it the most so far because we discuss and work on things in class mostly and it is a big picture thinking class with an end goal in mind and lots of preparations in between.”

Furley hopes to one day become an Administrator or an Athletic Director. 

“I hope to be an Assistant Principal or Principal some day. I am also open to becoming an Athletic Director as well,” said Furley. 

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Presently, coach Furley is the head coach of the boys soccer team at Santa Fe High School. But he has experience coaching in several different sports. 

“I only coach soccer at this time. I am the head boys coach and an assistant for the girls team. I have coached cross-country, football, volleyball, softball, and basketball at some point in the last 16 years at Santa Fe South,” said Furley. 

For coaches looking to add to their resume and advance their carees through education, Furley offers this advice on the SNU Leadership Program. 

“I would definitely recommend this program to other coaches. It fits well with a coaches schedule with no games on Wednesdays traditionally for most schools and with only one class at a time, it is manageable for all. The cohort I am a part of is fantastic. I have already met and connected with so many of them and we all will be great contact people and perhaps colleagues very soon.” 

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