El Reno's Kord LaFoe & Parker Avendano – OKC Area Mr. Wrestling Oklahoma Poll Results – Presented by Harley-Davidson World

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OKC Area Mr. Wrestling Oklahoma Poll Results 

Kord LaFoe – El Reno, 18,762 votes (pictured below)

Parker Avendano – El Reno, 18,213 votes

Tyler Bingham – Tecumseh, 14,001 votes

Khristian Boyd – Putnam City West, 5,187 votes

Samontai Scott – Midwest City, 4,576 votes

Zane Coleman – Choctaw, 3,866 votes

Gabe Johnson – Choctaw, 2,328 votes

Tate Picklo – Mustang, 1,057 votes

Ashton Aldridge – Yukon, 1,008 votes

Other athletes receiving votes included Romanual Rogers – Del City, Colt Newton – Choctaw, Kylon Burgert – Yukon, Judson Rowland – Mustang, Tucker Owens – Mustang, Caleb Nahmahpeah – Shawnee, Jayston Cato – Carl Albert, Caleb Nelson – Guthrie, Rene Martinez – Putnam City, Juan Macedo – Putnam City North, Trey Thammvongsa – Western Heights, Austin Renfro – Carl Albert, and Connor Homan – Choctaw.

Kord LaFoe - El Reno

Kord LaFoe & Parker Avendano – El Reno


VYPE: What age did you begin wrestling, and what made you want to start?

Kord: I began wrestling at the age of five.

Parker: I started wrestling when I was eight, I actually wanted to start because I would watch WWE with my Papa, and I thought that’s what’d I’d be doing.


VYPE: What is your favorite thing about competing for your high school?

Kord: It gives me an opportunity to represent my town.

Parker: I like the student section the most because they’re pretty involved and it makes me want to wrestle at my best even more.


VYPE: Describe your style of wrestling. Do you have a “go-to” move?

Kord: I have a real aggressive style, constantly moving, keeping you on your toes, looking for my single leg.

Parker: I wrestle a pretty high-paced style. I like to constantly make my opponent work, lots of attacks and lots of pressure. My go-to move has to be a low single.


VYPE: What is a personal goal you set for yourself this season?

Kord: To be the next state champ from El Reno. Last year I came in at runner-up and I want that state title.

Parker: To win a national title in Fargo. I had surgery before Christmas so will not be able to wrestle the rest of the folkstyle season, looking forward to freestyle.


VYPE: What have you seen from this year’s team that you really like?

Kord: The hard work from all my teammates and where their mind is really excites me the most! Everyone one of them are dialed in and ready for regionals.

Parker: I like the work we’ve put in, never taking days off.


VYPE: Is there someone who has been a role model for you? What have they taught you?

Kord: My uncle Randy and my head coach Tyrone Lewis, they’ve both taught me no one is gonna feel sorry for you, whatever it is you want you have to take it! They both play a really big part in my life and they mean the world to me!

Parker: My role model has to be Terry Brands. He’s taught me that everyone can be beat and putting a relentless pace on can break anybody.


VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

Kord: Go to college, I’m not quite sure where to go yet. Keeping my options open.

Parker: After this season I’ll be wrestling at Newman University and pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy.