Edmond Santa Fe's Chloe Case & Braden Nicholson – Swimming Q&A – Presented by Integris Health Edmond


VYPE: At what age did you start swimming? 

Case: At age nine, I joined my first club team.

Nicholson: I have always loved the water and spent hours swimming in our neighborhood pool every summer. My parents have always called me a little fish and had a hard time getting me out of the water. I participated in our neighborhood swim team each summer, but I didn’t begin swimming competitively until I was 15 years old. During my middle school years, I was very sick and stuck at home with a misfiring nerve in my left year. I dreamed of the day I would be healed and able to swim. The summer before my sophomore year, I dove in the water and I knew this was the sport for me. I spent that summer preparing for high school tryouts in August hoping I would make the Santa Fe High School swim team. That first of swimming I qualified for State swim and was beyond excited. I won the Santa Fe Rookie of the Year award. 

VYPE: Who or how did you get involved? 

Case: I initially started swimming as a triathlete and I really liked it and stuck with it.

Nicholson: I had a glimpse of a swim team when I swam for our summer neighborhood team. We were the Danforth Farm Dolphins. I love swimming and wanted to try out for a sport in high school. I love that swimming is a sport that I am constantly trying to improve my form and times. It is a competition not only with other swimmers, but with yourself. It takes lots of discipline to be a swimmer.

feat - Chloe Case

VYPE: What events do you currently swim for Santa Fe?

Case: I swim the 200 and 500 free at high school swim. 

Nicholson: For high school, I swim the free-style leg in the 200-medley relay, the 50 free, 100 free and the 200 free relay. For my club team, I love adding the breast stroke. I am considered a sprinter.

VYPE: What do you enjoy most about swimming for Edmond Santa Fe High School? 

Case: I like the challenge of breaking the school records – some of which I already hold.

Nicholson: I love the friendships I’ve made the past three years. People might think that swimming is an isolated sport because you are always trying to beat your own time and other swimmers, but really there are lots of friendships. We support each other, push each other, laugh together and try to continue to get faster and stronger together. This year was the first year that the Santa Fe Boys won the All-City Edmond Champs. We are a small, but mighty team. Also, this year the Santa Fe boys have won most of the meets.  


VYPE: What would you like to do after you graduate from high school? 

Case: I plan on going to college. I plan on studying to become a nurse and minoring in Spanish.

Nicholson: I plan to go to Oklahoma Christian University and study pre-med/biology for my major. I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was in first grade and especially after my health issues. I want to find help for those who are feeling hopeless.

VYPE: Do you have a favorite pre-meet meal? Maybe a go-to food you use to fuel your body? 

Case: I like to drink smoothies before my meets. 

Nicholson: Usually before a swim meet I make myself a ham and cheese omelet. I need lots of protein without feeling too full. I also drink lots of Gatorade.

VYPE: Do you have a favorite place to swim or favorite pool to compete in? 

Case: I have swam at many pools, but my favorite is the Northside ISD Natatorium in San Antonio, Texas.

Nicholson: My favorite place to compete is the Mitch Park YMCA/Edmond Public School competition pool. It has the best accommodations. Not only is it only five minutes away from my house, it is practically brand-new! I love the smell of chlorine and feel at home when I walk through the doors. 

VYPE: What do your classmates think you do as a swimmer, what does your family think you do as a swimmer and what do you actually do as a swimmer? 

Case: My classmates have no idea how much time over the years that I have been in the pool! My family knows that swimming is physically demanding. I am always hungry and always tired. There is a lot of repetition as a swimmer. Swimming is a very precise sport.  Each and every small movement makes a huge difference.

Nicholson: Usually when my classmates find out I am a swimmer their response is, “We have a swim team?” It has gotten better over the years since our team has improved a lot. My dad was a swimmer back in high school, so he completely understands what I do as a swimmer. People who aren’t swimmers, don’t realize that swimming is an year round sport and that we spend at a minimum 10 hours swimming each week. I also do dry-land training or weight lifting for a few hours each week.