Deer Creek's Miles Slater – Edmond Area Boys Basketball Player of the Month – Presented by Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

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Edmond Area Boys Basketball Player of the Month Poll Results

Miles Slater – Deer Creek, 30,250 votes

Nick Watson – Jones, 14,001 votes

Syrus Grisby – Luther, 3,414 votes

Tyler Becker – Luther, 1,073 votes

Other athletes receiving votes included Drew Tennial – Edmond Memorial, Ben Smith – Edmond Santa Fe, Trey Alexander – Heritage Hall, Trey Nolen – Edmond North, and William McDonald – Heritage Hall.

Miles Slater - Deer Creek - NEW

Miles Slater – Deer Creek

Ever since Miles Slater was playing for the Raptors team in sixth grade, he has loved the game of basketball. Even before he joined a team, he could be found shooting hoops in the driveway competing against his family members.

“I played in the driveway with my brother and uncle,” he said. “They always beat me. I was determined to beat them. They can’t beat me now!”

The competition made Slater push himself to be better so that now he can dominate the court as well as the driveway. The Deer Creek senior loves his high school community and has enjoyed getting to represent the Antlers on the court over the years.

“My favorite thing about competing for Deer Creek High School is that I get to represent my school and my community,” he said. “I have attended Deer Creek since first grade; I am a homegrown kid. I am excited to represent DC and the values promoted within.”

Slater aims for high standards outside of the gym as well. He says that his parents have been a great example of how to conduct himself in everyday life.

“I strive to better myself by doing the right thing on and off the court,” he said. “My parents have always taught me to do the right thing even when no one is watching.”

His father has been an especially important figure in his life, showing him the value of hard work and the right attitude.

“I have been blessed with several role models in my life,” said Slater. “My most important role model is my dad; he works hard every day without complaint. He inspires me to do the same.”

After high school Slater plans to continue his basketball career on the collegiate level. He has several offers to play at the next level, he only has to decide where he wants to go and then build upon the work he has put in during his time at Deer Creek.