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By Derrick Smith

There are things that happen at some times in our lives that we view as a speed bump. Not something that derails us, but rather something that slows us down for a short time.

Koreea Kirksey experienced a speed bump this season but it did not hold her down.

“This season has been pretty tough,” she said. “I needed to have major surgery in order to continue to play basketball. I had a stress fracture on my shin. The surgeon had to go in and put a metal rod in my leg so my bone could heal. I was out for about two months. I was able to return to playing when we played Lawton on January 29th. I had a really good game that night.”

Kirksey is a senior at Midwest City High School, where she is a plays shooting guard and point guard for the Lady Bombers basketball team. Her skills on the court also made her a VYPE Top 100 selectee.

There are many women that Koreea looks up to.

“My mom, Chasity Harris, coach Katie Thompson-Bass, coach Latoya Jackson are some of the top influencers in my life,” she said. “My mom showed me how to be a God-fearing young lady and told me to always trust God and continue to stay faithful to him and continue to put the work in to be successful. Coach Thompson taught me that in the midst of my test, at the end is my testimony. She knows a lot about me and brought out a lot of my strengths that I didn’t know I had in myself. Coach Toya taught me to continue to push through no matter what I go through. She also knows a lot about me and pushes me everyday to be the best I can be.”

Koreea Kirksey-Midwest City

She also has two role models that she admires and looks up to. They are Maya Moore of the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx and actress Karrueche Tran.

There are certain qualities that someone who is called a character athlete must have.

“It means that you display a special kind of leadership that people look up to,” she said. “It also means that your character is amazing for everyday life and for your team as well.”

Out of all the teachers she has had, Kirksey says that there is one that stands out.

“Mr. Thomas Harris was my favorite teacher,” she said. “He made learning fun and taught me knowledge is power. He would always tell me that I am up to great things and on game day, he would tell me to put on a show and dominate.”

The key to success is not just practicing, according to Koreea. It is also doing the extra stuff.

“It has taken a lot of hard work, not just working hard in practice but also putting in the extra work to become a better player,” she said. “After practice or just any other day, I will get another workout in to work on my game and work on my craft. Not only doing the hard dirty work while practicing or working out, I also put my hard work into my grades. I know having great grades will get me far or bless me with great opportunities to play basketball at the next level.”

Along with basketball, Koreea is also a member of Leadership, Bomb Squad, and Bomber News. Kirksey was also honored to be named Midwest City Homecoming Queen this year, as well as Miss Midwest City.

“These are both amazing accomplishments,” she said. “Winning these awards shows me that I am a leader at my school and a lot of people look up to me. It feels really good to know that all my hard work is paying off, people want to follow my steps and want to be like me because I am doing great things for myself.”

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