Santa Fe South's Josue Jesus Meza Fernandez – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

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By Derrick Smith

Josue Jesus Meza Fernandez is a Junior at Santa Fe South High School, where he is a member of the Saints wrestling team. He has been wrestling for six years and is always working to become a better wrestler.

“To be successful in wrestling for me was to train hard and always push myself to my limits,” he said. “My coach always takes the time during practice to pull me aside to improve on some drills or he shows me a new method.”

With his junior season behind him, Josue says it was a successful season but there is still work to do.

“This season for me went great for me,” Josue said. “I had a decent record, but it could have been better.  But we live and learn.”

Josue says that being a character athlete means caring about others just as much as you care about yourself.

“A character athlete is someone who sets an example for the team and is always there pushing their teammates to success. Having someone to push you to your limits and showing you that hard work pays off is amazing.”


There are two people that Josue looks up to, freestyle wrestling champ Jordan Burroughs and professional boxer Canelo Alvarez.

“I look up to Jordan because he’s an outstanding wrestler and represents the United States,” he said. “Canelo is another one of my role models because he became an amazing boxer and he was nothing. He never forgot where he came from and always gives back.”

Fernandez says that he has had many good teachers but there is one that stands out.

“Kalli Ferguson is a big support for me,” he stated. “Whenever our team has a dual, she makes time to go out and support us. Something she has taught me is that having support is a great motivation and people care about you.”

Josue says he hopes to be a role model for the younger students.

“I always take the time to help my teammates improve and set an example for our middle schoolers. The littles ones need an example and I love being there because they have someone to depend on. Being able to fight and represent my school is an amazing opportunity. I love wrestling and I wanna make something out of it because I am really passionate about it.”

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