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By Kelsey Baucom

Blanchard senior Jack Kiker plays a big role for the Lions basketball team. As their four-year starting point guard he continues to be relied upon by his coach and his teammates to run things on the court.

Kiker has been playing basketball for about 13 years, originally picking it up because he wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

“The main reason I was interested in basketball was because my brother played and I wanted to do the exact same things he did,” he said.

Now, he loves to represent his city alongside his teammates as they compete against other schools. Kiker says that this season has been very good so far.

“We have accomplished a lot and we still have a lot of time to get better,” he said. “For the last half of the season I hope to really lock in on the defensive side of the ball. If we can continue to make our defense better, we will be a bad match-up for most teams.”

Jack Kiker - Blanchard

Kiker’s work ethic on and off the court can be traced back to some people he looks up to as role models – his parents.

“My parents have been big role models to me,” he said. “They always make sure I’m doing the right thing and push me to be my best. They never let me settle for average, which has made me so much better of an athlete.”

Kiker is a confident athlete who is a good example of character on the court. He emphasizes the importance of respect for the game and the players.

“I take a lot of pride in the way I play the game,” he said. “I always respect the game and I always respect my opponents. Having good character is a key ingredient to make your team a winning team. I’m always implementing it on the court to the guys to let them know character is what always comes first. Win of lose, you have to have respect for your opponent.”

In addition to basketball Kiker also plays baseball, and after high school he plans to continue his baseball career at NOC Tonkawa.


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